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Why Earth Skinfoods?

This is the face behind Earth Skinfoods.  Pamela created the range many years ago and has only used the products on her skin since.  

Earth Skinfoods evolved from a desire to create a pure-ethical-affordable skin care range using the vast array of plants and minerals in harmony with our earth. 

The products are designed to enhance and care for your skin gently while protecting against our harsh Australian environment and general pollution.

Designed to cleanse, tone and moisturise skin, Earth Skinfoods products utilise plants, fruits and flowers to provide balance, clarity and direction for your emotional and physical enrichment.

Ingredients are selected for their beneficial effects, providing you with a healthy, vibrant appearance.  We make every effort to use ingredients not associated with reactions.  As sensitivity varies from person to person, it is important to introduce new products to skin gradually and with care.

Our products are pure, harmful chemical free, organic, ethical, affordable and designed to enhance you!

Our philosophy demonstrates an ongoing commitment to development of innovative, high quality and affordable natural skinfoods.

pure - ethical - affordable


Below are Testimonials provided by our ever increasing band of happy customers.  Their Contact details can be provided on request.  We hope you enjoy their feedback!

"I will be using, promoting and talking about Earth Skinfoods products till the cows come home.  The reason why is that you create such a beautiful, uncluttered, clean, chem-free range of skincare products that are affordable and actually do what nature intended!!  Who wouldn't be pleased with your range?!!!".

"the products are economical and make my skin feel great!”.

 "I bought your olive leaf cream at the Stanthorpe farmer's markets a while ago and just love it.  My skin has never felt better".

“thank you for producing such beautiful and natural products.  I recently bought your Fragrance Free Moisturiser and I love it”.

“your Moisturiser with Sunscreen is fantastic”.

“your Rosehip & Carrot range is as good if not better than a very popular international brand I have been using for many years – but not any more! Thank you”.


The best place to buy earth skinfoods organic, nourishing and nurturing products is online.


Whether you're after fragrance free products, or products with nourishing herbal ingredients or beneficial essential oils, Earth Skinfoods has a skin care product to suit you.