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Have you been thinking about buying ethical skin care products online? Are you looking for a range of skin care made with botanical ingredients and free of alcohol that your skin will love?  Are you tired of spending an absolute fortune on products that promise the world and don’t deliver?

I know I was, so I did something about it!

After a bad experience with a chemical product to treat blemished teenage skin, I decided I would create lotions for my own skin care needs – the results achieved were amazing and without negative reaction!  I have always been intrigued by the power of herbs so I studied western herbal medicine to learn the finer points of making lotions and balms which would nourish and nurture skin.  My family and friends were the first to try the products - they loved them and the range developed from their suggestions and feedback.    

I had a lifelong interest in health food stores and used to spend a lot of my spare time when I was a teenager haunting them and savouring the distinct aromas they have.  So in 2001 I jumped at the chance to buy one!  This satisfied some of my personal values – to eat organic, whole foods and use products to compliment a healthy lifestyle.   Shortly after I realised some of the products, in particular skin care, were not as natural as they claimed to be, or indeed could be.

In 2002, I launched Earth Skinfoods through my health food store.  A wholesale distributor saw how popular the products were  and approached me to distribute in Queensland and northern New South Wales.  In a short time, the range was walking out of the stores and I decided to sell the store to focus on Earth Skinfoods.  This happened at a perfect time as my children were young and I was able to be there more for them.  Soon after Earth Skinfoods had 3 wholesale distributors supplying up to 100 health food stores and pharmacies on the Australian east coast!  

A few personal circumstances changed and I found myself working for someone else to pay the bills, while still operating the business on a small scale.

It is now 2016 and I have the opportunity to focus completely on the range, which really makes my heart sing

Everyone at Earth Skinfoods cares about the environment and we choose the best, natural, organic ingredients for our products.  Our ingredients must be sourced from our earth (with a preference for Australian grown), non-GMO, sustainably produced, food for your skin, minimally but conveniently packaged, priced affordably and suit you and your lifestyle. With a mission statement like this, Earth Skinfoods is the perfect place to buy ethical skin care products online.

Our formulations suit the most sensitive skin, are free of wheat, gluten, alcohol and synthetic fragrances.  We test our products on friends and family, not animals and Earth Skinfoods is accredited with Choose Cruelty Free and are suitable for Vegans (with the exception of lip balms).

We have been providing natural botanical skin care for 14 years now and have many loyal customers of all skin types, including some with sensitive skins and others who are undergoing treatment for life conditions.  Our customers are savvy and know what goes onto their skin will impact on their being.   

We are extremely grateful to our customers who have made the choice to use Earth Skinfoods and and we hope you will too!  Head to our online store to learn more about and to buy ethical skin products online.



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