Creating Cruelty Free Skincare Products

Are you tired of searching for cruelty free skincare products that are created in Australia and sold at an affordable price?

At Earth Skinfoods, we see creating cruelty free skincare as the only option! If an ingredient needs to be tested on animals it should not be used in products for humans. Animals were not placed on our planet for humans to test with! We have been provided with an abundant earth and solutions are available from this bountiful harvest to live well, completely and to flourish. Our philosophy is that humanity needs to return to organic living and be conscious of our impact being made on the earth. It is a finite resource and we should respect that.

Creating cruelty free skincare products is our contribution to happy, healthy lives and to a healthy planet! Not only do we care about the welfare of animals, we’re also passionate about leaving no carbon footprints behind on the earth. For that reason, we only use ethical products that are sourced sustainably, and we always opt for minimal packaging!

We proudly create all our own cruelty free skincare products! Cruelty free products are essential, not only because they take care of our wonderful furry friends, but also because they are ethically sustainable and chemical free. Chemicals can hurt the skin, causing damage that feels and looks terrible. At Earth Skinfoods we are happy to say our products only contain natural ingredients such as herbs, and oils, and they are free from wheat, gluten, and alcohol!

Our products have always been developed from family, friends, and customers’ feedback and suggestions. With over 14 years of experience we are experts in creating products that are good for the skin and great for the earth!

If you have any questions about how we create our cruelty free skincare products, or if you have any product suggestions, please get in touch! We love hearing from customers and are happy to help you make choices that are great for your skin and wellbeing!

Posted by Pamela Mills